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Wooden shingles have been the choice of many homeowners for a very long time. Split logs of cedar are used to create these cedar shakes, and these roofs are loved by homeowners because of their natural and distinct look. In some cases, these shingles are made from California redwood. These roofs are strong and durable and last for many more years than roofs created with asphalt shingles.

Cedar shake roofs need proper care and maintenance if they are to last long. You are most welcome if you have come here in search of a top-quality roofing contractor. We are RB Roofing, the most popular and much-loved roofing company in Redondo Beach and its surrounding areas.

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What Makes Cedar Shake Roofs So Accessible?

In addition to imparting a very natural and beautiful look to the home, these wooden shingles also improve the energy efficiency of the house. They are excellent insulators and being environment friendly, and customers are ready to spend a little more for them instead of going with asphalt shingles.

These cedar shakes insulate the home effectively while taking the brunt of the elements. Also, who doesn’t like to have a rustic look for their homes, especially when it fetches a higher value of the structure through the sale? These shakes can be made from recycled materials, and they last for up to 30 years. By opting for a wooden roof, you can easily make your home stand out from the rest of your neighborhood.

Understand California Guidelines Regarding Wood Shingles

People in the sunshine state love wooden shingles, but they have to follow stringent instructions issued by the government regarding their use. Authorities became very sensitive about the use of cedar shakes for roof making after the devastating fire in Oakland, especially in the area of East Bay hills. The government banned the use of wooden shingles that were not treated with fire retardant material.

This was done to reduce the destruction of property in fire-prone areas of California. An Act was passed in 2001, which says that no wooden shingles can be sued for the construction of roofs in the state if they have not passed weathering tests of extended periods. Also, cedar shakes used in the installation of a roof must have been treated with fire-retardant chemicals.

Same Alluring Look with Synthetic Wood Shakes

No one is complaining about the strict guidelines issued by the state government regarding the use of wooden shingles. This has been done to protect life and property in case of fires. However, that doesn’t mean a homeowner cannot get that alluring natural look and feel of cedar shingles. There are available synthetic wooden shingles that look and feel just like cedar shakes. They are also powerful and durable besides being resistant to moisture. 

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