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Best Membrane Roof Contractors in Redondo Beach, CA

A membrane roof is a roofing system commonly used on buildings as well as tanks. This means it is a great choice for waterproofing and creating a watertight cover to a structure. The reliable contractor, RB Roofing, can install such a roof for you and get you your desired waterproofing solutions.

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About Us

RB Roofing is short for Redondo Beach Roofing, which is a specialized and full-service roofing company with years of industry experience. We have been around for long to understand the local roofing needs, factors affecting roofing, and the industry regulations. This means that by working with us, you will get a guarantee of compliance as well as professional service delivery.

You can talk to us if you need to install any roof type including:

  • Sawtooth
  • Intersecting
  • Jerkinhead
  • Dutch Gable
  • Hip
  • Bonnet
  • M-Shaped
  • Dome
  • Curved
  • Gable
  • Gambrel
  • Mansard
  • Skillion
  • Saltbox
  • Pyramid

When roofing materials are a key concern to you, we can advise you on the best fit for you from the list below: 

  • Metal roofs
  • Concrete tile roofs
  • Clay tile roofs
  • Asphalt roofing
  • Solar roofs
  • Rubber slate roofs
  • Steel roofs
  • Fiberglass roofs
  • Slate shingle roofs
  • Wood shingle and wood shake roofs, among others. 

Membrane Roofing Contractor Redondo Beach

At Redondo Beach, we are trusted and known as a reliable team for membrane roofing services in Redondo Beach. With such a roof, we help you to create a watertight cover to your structures and buildings regardless of the intensity with which it rains in your area. Our crew is well trained, skilled, and experienced to handle small- and large-scale membrane roofing needs and would be glad to work on yours too.

Membranes roofs have been, for long, in use on buildings for waterproofing purposes. They are most commonly made of modified bitumen, thermoplastic material, or synthetic rubber as these materials offer the best cover against water soaking. If you have a commercial building with a flat or sloping roof, then it is well suited for a membrane roofing system, and our crew can install it for you.

Types of Membrane Roofing Systems

Membrane roofing systems come in a variety of types including:

TPO Roofing System

This is a thermoplastic polyolefin membrane and can come in a range of colors such as gray, white, or tan. The system has a highly reflective surface and uses heat-welded seams, thereby proving to be one of the most energy-efficient roofing systems.

EPDM Roofing System

This system is usually known as the rubber roof and is installed with seam tape for holding and sealing the panels to each other.

PVC Roofing System

A thermoplastic polyvinyl chloride membrane, this can come in a range of colors, too, including gray, tan, white, and other custom colors.

Generally, a membrane roof can be used for re-covering existing roofs, as it is light. This then eliminates the need for tearing off an existing roof to cover it. Without constant demands for monitoring and maintenance, the roofing system makes it a perfect choice when the return on investment is a key consideration.

Hire Expert Membrane Roofers Redondo Beach

Hire expert roofing technicians and have your membrane roof installed professionally. We are just a call away and would be glad to discuss your project further. Give us a call today and get a free site assessment and a no-obligation quote.

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