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Palos Verdes Estates is a master-planned city in southern California. It is situated in Los Angeles County along the Pacific Coastline and is considered a highly desirable place to live with families. It is among the wealthiest communities of the country, with large homes having all modern amenities. RB Roofing is the most popular and reliable roofing contractor in Palos Verdes Estates looking after the requirements of the residents of this beautiful city for a very long time. Contact us at (310) 986-3276 to get no obligations, a free quote for the roofing job that you want to be completed in your home.

Slate Shingles Roofing Palos Verdes Estates

Have you always felt mesmerized at the sight of slate roofs? Slate is a natural stone used to create marvelous roofs mostly for public sector buildings like cathedrals and libraries for a very long time. Slate is mined out from stone queries and then transported with difficulty to the manufacturing sites as it is a very heavy stone. Slate shingles are not very strong and can be easily affected by the elements. 

To solve the problems of manufacturing, transportation, and installation, manufacturers have developed an innovative roofing material known as synthetic slate shingles. At Redondo Beach Roofing, we can recreate the magic of slate with these synthetic slate shingles that are lighter and also very durable. You can enjoy a virtually maintenance-free roof for a long time by replacing your existing roof with synthetic slate shingles. 

Metal Shingles/Shakes

If you plan to go for a replacement of your existing roof that has become old or is worn out, we have the option of metal shingles/shakes for you. Although a little is more expensive than the traditional asphalt shingles, the roof created using metal shingles/shakes is virtually maintenance-free and can last for as long as 50 years. Imagine the strength your roof has when constructed using stainless steel shingles that do not suffer from curling or breakage like the traditional asphalt shingles. These metal shingles impart a very impressive look and feel to your home as they look exactly like wooden shingles, but are made of metal to last forever. 

Repair and Replacement of All Kinds of Roofs

As a homeowner, it is natural for you to be concerned about your structure and loved ones’ safety and security. If you notice physical signs of damage to your roof after a cyclone, it is prudent to call in roofing experts to carry out an inspection and take corrective actions. If your roof has faded and looks worn out because of aging, you need rather restore the roof or go for a replacement. Redondo Beach Roofers have tons of experience in the installation and repair of roofs of all kinds in Palos Verdes Estates. We are a locally based roofer renowned for high-quality roofing work at reasonable prices. 

No matter what the nature and size of roofing work are needed in your property, give us a call at (310) 986-3276 and relax. Our expert roofers will give you the right advice after an inspection of the roof and also carry out the roofing job with high-quality materials and to your satisfaction!